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For the first time in my life, I don't want to be anywhere but here. I'm not leaning toward anyone or anything. "Next" has been replaced by "now."

I don't particularly relish returning to a more public-facing life after a year of quiet contemplation (and hilarious, near-constant monologues delivered by my children)... well, okay, it hasn't been THAT quiet around here. My writing is going well. My publishing company is celebrating its most recent release. Grief has become a companion to acknowledge and claim. And I’m finding delight in making messy, imperfect art.

I hope this Bright Side newsletter will help us connect around the importance of balancing our creative inner lives with what the outside world asks. It's what writers go through when they publish their books: an emergence. But all of us are going to go through a version of it in the upcoming months as some semblance of normal resumes.

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Laura Stanfill

Laura Stanfill is the publisher of Forest Avenue Press and the author of SINGING LESSONS FOR THE STYLISH CANARY.